Our Values

We, at Manatee Guides are extremely passionate about responsible ecological tourism. Southwest Florida is home
to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world. Our beaches are pristine white sand interlaced with turtle grass and
sand flats. Mangrove fringed shorelines give way to back bays, channels and flats that provide refuge for countless
species of wildlife. As our understanding of nature grows, we see that it is beneficial to us all to provide and maintain
a healthy natural environment for not only just animals, but ourselves. We encourage you to get involved in
conserving the environment and wildlife wherever you may live.  Manatee Guides supports and salutes all of our
local wildlife and environmental conservation hero's. They have done an outstanding job caring for our environment
and the wildlife that lives in it. Their efforts have created better habitats, treated sick, injured or dying animals and
kept our beaches in world class condition. Many of these organizations struggling to protect wildlife and our
environment are understaffed and badly underfunded or in many cases, both. Please take a moment to visit some of
their websites and learn more about local Manatee, Dolphin and Turtle conservation efforts. Please consider making
a donation to one of these legitimate organizations and support a good cause, the cause of protecting Southwest
Florida's wildlife and habitats. Your contributions will keep Southwest Florida wild, beautiful and natural for years to
come. Manatee Guides would like to thank you for being a wildlife hero.

The CROW organization holds a special place in the heart of Manatee Guides founder, Tim Martell. While kayaking
along a favorite stretch of beach, he came across a Royal Tern that was injured and wrapped in fishing line. After
cutting the line in a couple key areas to relieve immediate pressure, he placed the bird behind his seat in the kayak
where it remained almost completely calm during the trip back to the launching section. The bird was then carefully
tucked under his arm and drove to the C.R.O.W. hospital. Their response was amazing. Everyone there moved
extremely quickly to care for that poor bird. You would think that just a little bird would not get much attention, but it
did. Immediately, doctors, nurses and other staff took action to relieve the birds pain and make an injury analysis.
They provided information about procedures and how to inquire about the patients progress. Unfortunately, the
Tern was euthanized due to the extent of it's injuries. But, the action taken that day by C.R.O.W. was swift, merciful,
heroic and downright impressive. Although the Tern did not survive, at least it was able to live it's final hours free
from suffering and under the care of such a dedicated team of professionals. C.R.O.W. will care for any animal that
needs rehabilitation and have done outstanding work rehabilitating wildlife in Southwest Florida. Please make the
pledge to make a donation to this invaluable local resource.    

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The Royal Tern is the reason CROW was created and
also what brought Manatee Guides to them.
This bird has had a large impact on wildlife rescue and
nature tourism in Southwest Florida.

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